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Chisel Jewelry--for Men
A Collection of Contempory Metals
Tungsten: Made to last a lifetime, Tungsten jewelry is a natural choice for those who want a resilent metal that shows little signs of wear. Very brilliant due to its tough and enduring qualities. Tungsten is a heavy metal and as a pure element is hypoallerginic.
Titanium: Another popular choice for contempory jewelry due to its strength and durability. Tintanium combines a beautiful look with the sporty ability to wear anytime. Titanium is completely hypoallerginic which makes it a perfect choice for those persons with sensitive skin.
Stainless Steel: 316; Stainless "L" stands for Low Carbon. If any class of steel truly deserves to be called surgical stainless steel these "L" class cerivates of 316 steel would be it.  It never develops surface rust and is even resistant to constant salt water exposure.
Ceramic: Ceramic jewelry has the same basic hardness and durability as Tunsgen and both have a greater hardness than Titanium. This does not mean they will never exhibit wear and tear at some point, it simply means they are durable and long lasting items.
IP Plating: Many Chisel items have been plated in colors such as gold, black, rose, and chocolate brown. This IP plating is a specialized process which fuses the color to the base metal in a vacuum environment. The IP plating actually becomes a part of the metal, ensuring a hard, durable finish  and beauty that will last.